Certified Firearm Appraisals

Certified Firearm Appraisals

Northern Plains Gunworks is AGI Certified  to provide Firearm Appraisals compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Northern Plains Gunworks provides Certified Firearm Appraisals of single firearms, up to multiple firearm collections.

There are many reasons to obtain appraisals of your firearms:

Insurance Valuations
Personal Sales Evalutations
Estate Planning / Evaluations
Preparation of Wills
Equitable Distribution Evaluations
Divorce Settlements
Estate Probate Evaluations
Damage Claims
Estate Sales
Insurance Claims
Charitable Donations
Appraisal Reviews
Court Testimony

We offer two levels, or types, of Professional Appraisals, based upon our clients varied needs. Unlike the simple value given at your local gun shop, our appraisals involve professionally prepared and researched documentation without bias.

The two levels of Professional Appraisals are:

Our Professional Opinion of Value is developed to best establish values of firearms for personal use; however, this appraisal does not meet the requirements for court proceedings or the IRS, and is not USPAP* compliant. There are no photographs included.

          $45.00 each for first three firearms -  All others brought in at the same time will be $30.00 each.

Our Full Professional Appraisal is USPAP* compliant and is prepared to meet all the elements of a document presented in court, and to satisfy the IRS requirements that define a “Qualified Appraisal”. Photographs are included, either printed with the Appraisal, or on a “flash drive”, at client’s request.

          $95.00 each for first three firearms - All others brought in at the same time will be $50.00 each.

*USPAP - Uniform Standards of Professional Appriasal Practice