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The AR-15 is a great platform, and the .300 ACC Blackout is a great caliber for this platform.

The .300 ACC Blackout does not suffer the many shortcomings of an AR platform in a caliber other than 2.23/.556, such as 9mm, etc. 

Because the original bass diameter is maintained, a standard bolt can be used, along with standard magazines, and magazine capacity is maintained.

And, because the original cartridge length is the same as the 2.23/.556, standard magazines and followers are used without compromising feeding reliability.

Selection of available projectiles for the .300 Blackout range from 125 grain to 220 grain.

Both your weapon, and your ammunition load will be lighter than with the .308 Win.

This is a great option.....and it's fun to shoot!

Let Northern Plains Gunworks provide you with a custom AR-15 chambered in .300 ACC Blackout. Call us now.

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