Reloading Equipment and Supplies

Reloading Equipment and Supplies

Following is a current inventory - as of December 2, 2022 - of some of our relaoding equipment and supplies for sale. 


Accurate No. 11FS Handgun Powder  $39.99
Hodgdon Pyrodex P Pistol  $27.99
Hodgdon Pyrodex RS Rifle/Shotgun  $24.99
Hodgdon Pyrodex Select Rifle/Shotgun  $31.99
Ramshot True Blue  $32.99
Ramshot Enforcer  $31.99
Winchester Winclean 244  $38.99



We have a selection of once-fired cleaned and deprimed brass on hand $12-$25
We also have Winchester .45 Colt New Unprimed brass in 100 ct. bags $40.00


Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit $189.99
Pacific Model DL-155 Shotgun Press  $100.00
RCBS  Model RC-2 Reloading Press $100.00
RCBS Model 1500 Chargemaster Powder Scale  $350.00
Lyman Turbo Sonic 2500 Sonic Cleaner  $139.99
Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner 2L  $125.00
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Tumbler with Media  $25.00
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Media Separator  $20.00
Dillon Electric Casefeeder  $500.00
Vintage Herters Reloading Press  $50.00
Vintage Herters Powder Scale $15.00
Reloading Dies $25-$42.99


 We have a variety of different caliber reloading bullets  $20-$70